Colter Bailey was born in Mount Vernon Washington. Currently 24 years old, Colter is the owner and founder of Like Your Likes LLC. Currently, He resides in Mount Vernon, Wa.

Colter has been doing social media for 4+ years and has helped over 60 small business owners grow. His business has been published in a few major news articles, including Idaho Press Tribune and Colter provides guaranteed results.  Colter’s motivation comes from being raised as an only child and having parents who are older. Colter strives to make his family proud through his accomplishments and continued growth as a successful businessman and community leader. His methods to success are much different than other small businesses. Like Your Likes LLC thrives on being creative, resourceful and unique. He always stays updated with the on going changes and trends of social media. Like Your Likes LLC provides social media support for small business owners, by focusing on increasing their visibility online and being able to target preferred customers. He also works with musicians, entrepreneurs and concert promoters.

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