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I encourage everyone to take a look at the program and the expertise that Colter Bailey Offers! He has helped me and my organization and my brand improve our visibility, our likes and our outreach!
Derrick Boles,
I have the pleasure of knowing this gentleman & business professional personally. I firmly believe that he has found his passion & his passion becomes promoting your business. He is motivated & has the drive to be a success so in turn creates success especially for smaller business owners. In this day & age when corporate America reigns over small business owners, it is imperative for us to have a commanding social media presence. Colter is sure to get you there & I am more than thankful for his graciousness to continue to support my personal business & others I know as well. Thank you Colter for being exceptional at creating awareness for businesses like myself. I will continue to refer your services to everyone I know.
Delila Gutierrez, Faces by Delila
Colter has been working with IJLfinancial Inc. for almost a year now! He has increased our visibility and has gotten us many referrals online. I highly recommend him to any business owners out there who are looking to grow!
Joe Leatherman, IJLfinancial Inc.
Very impressed Colter is amazing! He definitely knows what he is doing and it helped my business out greatly… I would give him 10 stars but they don’t offer it.
Kirk Ciccarello, Advanced Lock and Key
For the last year, I have been relying on his social media knowledge, creativity and work ethic to increase revenue for my company, Everyday People. He has made my vision in helping people think more positive, a reality. By being dedicated and thinking out of the box, he has expanded my audience by 300%. When achieving any type of goal, we have mentors, leaders and friends that will always be there to guide us in the right direction and Colter Bailey is a friend that looks out for his client’s best interest. I invite you to like Colter Baileys Business page, Like Your Likes LLC. Please acknowledge his hard work and positive attitude by liking his Business Page, Like Your Likes LLC. He has motivated and influenced young business owners to follow their passion and everyday he tracks down new audience members to allow us to promote our passion to.
Joe Bridges, Everyday People Corp.
Colter has helped increase the amount of total likes on my company page from 7,000 to almost 10,000 in just a couple months of work! He has done a great job targeting people in the fitness industry and has increased the overall amount of leads and sales for my business.Colter Bailey is SERIOUS about promoting business and has a heart of gold as well as the competence needed to cut through the fog of competition and land his clients amazing visibility!
Michael Hodge
If looking to grow your business either at a basic pace or fast pace, Colter Bailey is the guy to talk to. He has taken his values and turned them into a valuable service and tool for growing businesses. We highly recommend him for any of your Facebook social media marketing. You will see a difference, thanks Colter!
Finesse Materials Co.
Helped my business Eagle Yoga House grow tremendously on social media. Grew from 900 likes to over 2,000! Really made a huge difference.
Dennis Dusho, Eagle Yoga House
Great service! Ever since I met this company they helped me grow as a professional person and used the right tools and resources to help me increase in my own business!!! Likes your Likes ROCK!!! I recommend to anyone who needs marketing or networking!
Emil Euro
Colter is so awesome and focused on what he does. He’s the kind of guy you want on your social team!
Megan Bryant
Great guy, Great Company!! Very knowledgeable… and credible.
Sandra Sparrow
I’ve got nothing but good…. no great things to say about Like Your Likes, LLC! Colter takes the bull by the horns and does what he says he’ll do. He’s prompt, honest, and gets the job done. I know he works long hours to assure his clients get what they pay for. I highly recommend his services and invite you to ask Like Your Likes, LLC to help grow your business. He’s helped my business a ton in just 2 short months, and I plan on continuing to use Like Your Likes, LLC., to grow the online presence of my business. Thanks Colter, let’s keep it rollin!
Brent Dildine
Colter is GREAT to work with and very progressive and innovative in his ideas. He is hard working, friendly, and trustworthy. Just a great guy with a great business and well worth enlisting to help your business grow!
Bob Vaughan
If looking to grow your business either at a basic pace or fast pace, Colter Bailey is the guy to talk to. He has taken his values and turned them into a valuable service and tool for growing businesses. We highly recommend him for any of your Facebook social media marketing. You will see a difference, thanks Colter!
Finesse Materials Co.
Colter is honest, reliable and genuinely passionate about helping to grow your business. He offers affordable options and comes up with unique ideas to expand your social media reach. An excellent investment.
Kali Smithson
These guys do a great job of generating social media traffic!
Andrew Allsbury
Gets you likes faster than you would imagine. The homie colter will make you blow up!
Wes Jones
Awesome business and very professional.
Tony Flores
Colter does a fabulous job! He works hard for you and your business. I recommend contacting him if you need assistance building your fan base and other marketing needs.
Virginia Treat
I saw Colter start this company in the very beginning. I was one of his first clients and we’ve done cross promo. He worked hard, and the results are apparent. This is 100% legitimate, professional and a great customer experience. I would recommend to ANY business in ANY field.
Ben Barbosa
I think this is what people have been waiting for. People are always busy and this puts customers on a Social Media foreground for expansion and growth. Its very simply brilliant. I’ve known Mr. Bailey for a strong minute he’s been an outstanding individual & team player since our days in the military. I trust him, his dream and the direction in which Like Your Likes LLC is headed. Look no further.
Hayden Marlon
A young man in his 20’s Colter, who set out to get a social media presence for local music artist Yung Verb has done that and more. Starting from one client to now taking on several clients and having people work under him shows just how much he has what it takes to set a social media presence for any business. His ambitious, never quitting attitude, is what drives this young man to help others succeed. Contact him today!
Edgardo Castellanos
Colter is an ambitious, hard-working entrepreneur who has what it takes to take an idea to whole new level. Not many people in their 20s have the courage to pursue and maximize their talent like Colter has done.
Conrad Chahary
I’ve seen nothing but achieving and positive vibes from colter he likes to accomplish what others may not be able to do he’s a good person and a hard worker all gas no breaks with colter.
Johnny Lopez
5 Stars!!! This is both a smart and creative idea! With the innovation and drive that Colter has, this company will continue to grow. Colter is setting an amazing example for young Entrepreneurs with this LEGIT company!!
Xavier Fowlkes
If there were a better promotor in Boise, I haven’t met them yet. Colter takes the time to make sure he is doing everything for his clients and get the job done right. Bravo! Keep up the great work!
Bradley Dodds
Always known colter to be working so hard towards success and he’s doing amazing so far! Can’t wait to see how far you get in life. You have my full support
Sanja Babic